Clears text from the provided CustomMessageSlotsItem for the provided Player or TeamId. If no Player or TeamId is given, it clears all players text at that CustomMessageSlotsItem.


  1. CustomMessageSlotsItem

  2. Player | TeamId



<block type="ClearCustomNotificationMessage">
    <value name="VALUE-0">
        <block type="CustomMessagesItem">
            <field name="VALUE-0">CustomMessages</field>
            <field name="VALUE-1">MessageText3</field>
    <value name="VALUE-1">
        <block type="EventPlayer"></block>


  1. You don't need to use this block if you want to change the message's text.
  2. If you still want to push the message in the same spot, use Wait(0.1) block between , otherwise it won't work.