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If you are new to varibales then lets answer the first question. What is a variable?

A variable is anything you want it to be.

For example they can be a number, text, weapon, player, list of players/spawn points/objectives.

Essentially you use a variable to store information so you can use it later in your code.

Let’s start off with a basic example.

Basic Example

We are going to create a variable and use it to store a number to track how many kills there have been for the entire match.

First, create a variable

  • Click on Variables
  • Manage variables
  • New variable
  • Name it something meaningfull, in this case “killCount”
  • Leave it as a Global variable
  • Click Create

Create Global

You have now created a variable. Now we just need to use it to count kills.

You should see some new blocks in the Variables section.

The 2 we are interested in is the GetVariable and SetVariable:

  • GetVariable - Will use the variable
  • SetVariable - Allow us to set what this variable is

Variable Blocks

To use these, we will create a rule which triggers when a player earns a kill.

  • Create a new rule OnPlayerEarnsKill
  • Add SetVariable for the killCount
  • Using the Add block we can get the current GetVariable for killCount and add 1
  • Now every time a player earns a kill it adds 1 to the killCount variable

Global Kill

By default if a variable is not defined it will be “0” which means when we start the game it will be at 0 and will add 1 for every kill.

Variable Types

Now that we have a basic understanding on how to use a variable, we have different types of variables.

  • Global - This is a single variable shared globally
  • Player - This will be unique for every player such as their individual kill count or score
  • Team - This will be a variable for each team
  • Vehicle - You can assign variables to vehicles
  • CapturePoint - Each capture point/flag can also have variables
  • MCOM - Each MCOM can have a variable

variable Types

As an example below, we can use the kill count to show how we could use these.

  • Using the Global variable will add to the total kills for the match.
  • Using the Player variable and using the EventPlayer will only add it to their total kills.
  • By using the Team variable we can also count it towards the total kills for the EventPlayers team.

Type Blocks