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Returns a constructed Message object which can be used with DisplayGameModeMessage, DisplayNotificationMessage, DisplayHighlightedWorldLogMessage, and DisplayCustomMessage. The Message object is created by providing a Number, Player, or format String (which can take up to 3 format items).
A format String is a String that contains {} (called braces) within them, which can be substituted for parameters. For example, the String - {} gained {} points! - can be given a Player and Number parameter and could output as John gained 2 points!. See the example below for how this can be used with blocks.

Note: It’s your responsibility to ensure a safe and fair experience for others, violating the EA User Agreement by using offensive or inappropriate text may result in account bans.


  1. String | Number | Player
  2. String | Number | Player Optional
  3. String | Number | Player Optional
  4. String | Number | Player Optional


  • Message