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Portal Browser Extension

Portal Browser Extension

The BF2042 Portal Extensions is a Browser Extension that adds additional functionality to the Battlefield Portal Rules Editor.

It also allows users to create plugins in order to add even more functionality to the browser extension.

Extension Plugins

The community has created a lot of plugins for the Browser Extension, which enhance the usability and speed to work on Portal Experiences even more.

Plugin Description
GitHub Plugin Adds the feature to pull/push your portal experience changes to GitHub repositories and therefore maintain an automated version history / backup of your experience
Snippet Plugin Offers code snippets that you can directly insert into your experience workspace
Full features are:
  • add and remove favourites
  • create and delete your own private snippets
  • browse predefined snippets
  • insert snippets to the workspace
  • export and import settings (favourites and private snippets)
Navigation Plugin Adds navigational features e.g.: enabling vertical scroll without zooming
Help Plugin Adds the possibility to hide the Help-Flyout-Menu
Dark Context Menu Turn the context menu dark
Portal Unleashed A Battlefield Portal scripting tool (Not Maintained)
Red Variables Turn variable blocks red
Red Variables Dark Version same as Red Variables but with a dark shade of red
Cool Plugins A plugin that adds various sub-plugins like
  • Search Block with category - Search results are sorted by the category the block belongs too
  • Rules plugins list - adds a plugin to the left panel which shows all the rules in mod block, sorted based on its number
  • Coordinate Reader - A plugin that allows you to upload images with coordinates and creates Vector Blocks from it